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What to Look Out for WhenSelecting Android Tablets for yourKiosk Project Released – January 2016

Tablets are cheap, effective and seems to be able to get the job done for kiosk projects. That was what many thought and started buying consumer tablets for their kiosk projects. Well, things started to go very different ofwhat one thought would be a very easy deployment.Here are some elements that might need to considerwhen deploying your next tablet projects.


Nebula is designed as an all in one self service kiosk.

The tablet embodies an option for attachments in magnetic card swipe, RFID readers and barcodes that enables applications in system terminals, retail, employee, restaurant, hotels etc self service kiosk. With a continuous support of parts for 5 years or more, an integrated STAROS- the kiosk lockdown app and STARCONTROL- remotely managed tablets software, NEBULA, reinvents a tablet to an all in one solution for growing enterprises to streamline productivity.