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The tablet embodies an option for attachments in magnetic card swipe, RFID readers and barcodes that enables applications in system terminals, retail, employee, restaurant, hotels etc self service kiosk. With a continuous support of parts for 5 years or more, an integrated STAROS- the kiosk lockdown app and STARCONTROL- remotely managed tablets software, NEBULA, reinvents a tablet to an all in one solution for growing enterprises to streamline productivity.

Ultron Commercial Windows Tablet

Ultron windows tablet Series is designed to be placed individually as a All-in-One kiosk. There are VESA mounting holes at the back of the tablet for easy installation.

VEGA - Smart Home Dashboard

VEGA is an android based automation console. It is designed to be embedded into wall for seamless touch experience. The modular circuit design allows VEGA to be compatible with mainstream automation protocols like KNX, Zigbee, Z-wave, WIFI etc, it solves the compatibility concerns of Smart Home, Smart Intercom and Smart Doorbell. It allows a one touch control platform for buildings and apartments. VEGA offers flexibility and diverse customization to the IOT industry.